This was very nourishing and inspiring and I'm of course thrilled to see your tools listed out. A drawing nerd's dream!

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You answered my question (I’m the second one). Many thanks! And a big thank you for everything you’ve written so far and for opening yourself up for questions here. It’s been really great, interesting reading.

I don’t want to hog question-time here but another two questions from me, for if you run low on them in the coming weeks:

Do you have any how-to books for writing/cartooning/etc that you’ve found especially helpful or significant?

I'd like to hear your recommendations, if you have any, but I’m mostly asking just because I like how-to books in general and find it interesting to hear about what a favourite cartoonist might’ve spent time focused on. I know you’ve mentioned ‘How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way’ as a starting point but I was curious about what else there might’ve been along the way.

And my second question: Could you walk through your current technical process for illustrations, covers, etc? Are you someone that’s flipping and re-drawing again and again? Do you take photos of yourself in poses? I really love your line quality and I wonder what your thinking is about things there, if anything. Paper size too. I could be wrong (I'm just going by the odd 'for sale' page with measurements) but it seems like you're drawing a lot smaller than you used to. I like reading about that kind of stuff and I’m pretty sure I'm not alone there.

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More real, more fun. Being serious is the same thing of a perfect page, with perfect tools. I read you from Italy from 32 stories and Optic Nerve 1, and i'm really proud to have supported you all those years for your great work.

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I worked for an art supply store for seventeen years, so I know that indeed you do "get what you pay for". I also know the battle between wanting to use cheap materials in order to relax a little, and wanting to use the good stuff because you know that the results will be superior. The struggle is real! I've been painting in ink for the last 6 years and I definitely now stick to the paper I love best because using cheap paper has become far too disappointing. But that's because I often work with a lot of water, and the ink simply won't spread the same way on the cheap stuff.

I'm happy that you're here for a month. I'm working on my first graphic memoir, and although stylistically it'll be the polar opposite to what you do (I won't be using panels, and it'll be quite painterly), there's still lots for me to relate to here. Lots. Also, my last Substack post also had photos of the implements I am using at the moment, so we're definitely TWINNING in that regard!



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